BUYING a home can be a very tedious and lengthy process when you don’t have an ACTIVE Realtor on your side. People often do not want to commit to working with one Realtor; instead they merely “keep an eye out” until they see something they like. Obviously, it’s not practical to drive by every single house in the cities that you are interested in moving to, on a daily basis. Furthermore, many homeowners end up buying homes in neighborhoods that they had been introduced to in the buying process. This is why working with an experienced and Active Realtor is a must.

There are hundreds of houses that come on, or go off the market, each day in the surrounding area. An Active Realtor will work for you to get immediate knowledge of any properties that not only match your criteria, but also may enlighten you on some criteria that wasn’t on your list.
The problems that can arise from “keeping an eye out” yourself and not choosing a realtor are plentiful. These include:
Months or even years of looking with no purchase
Overpaying for a home in an undesired neighborhood
Losing a deposit because of contingency loopholes
Being forced into a purchase without a proper inspection
Not able to renegotiate if an appraisal comes in low

All of these problems can be avoided by working with an experienced and Active Realtor. Remember that the seller pays Real Estate Commissions, not you. So hiring a Realtor to serve in your best interest is merely a matter of choosing someone you trust and you feel can get the job done. I would like to apply for the job of finding you a home!

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