Successfully Selling Your Home in This Market

A seller has history and emotional ties to their home. A buyer wants to envision a blank canvas that they can someday overlay with their future life. So, here are some tips for sellers to follow, which will give their home the best shot at selling and standing out among all the other homes for sale. After all, your home is not much different than those other ones for sale.

The key is to set yourself up for success by making it as easy as possible for a buyer to see your home as their new home.

1- Depersonalize the home by taking out items that are relevant to your family. I’m sure the family photos, ceramic knick-knacks and elementary craft gifts from your kids mean a lot, but to a buyer they are just a reminder to them that they are visiting someone else’s home. Data has shown that the homes that have been professionally staged have sold for higher than those in the same market which were not staged.

2- A cluttered home is a messy home, whether you like it or not. Not only should a home be clean, which is hopefully an obvious part of selling your home, but it should also be clear of the daily onslaught of junk mail, tennis shoes, and dirty clothes that consume our tables and floors on a day-to-day basis.

3- Make sure that the yards are all properly watered and green. Glendora has been in a drought and the city constantly reminds us of the watering limitations. But don’t let that be an excuse to let your yard turn brown and the plants die out. Keep everything green at all costs. The yards of bank-owned and short sale homes on the market look bad enough, so take this opportunity to be a step above half the real estate inventory by making a good first impression when a potential buyer drives up.

4- Make your home accessible and readily available to show at all times. Most buyers only have limited time and days to preview homes. Try to avoid being one of the listings that has schedule restrictions. The buyers will move on to the house down the street with the same floor plan that they are able to see at their own convenience, any time. An electronic key, known as a Supra Key, will allow you to control who is viewing your home and will keep records in case you’re concerned about privacy.

5- List your home at a fair market price. With over 170 homes for sale in Glendora, buyers can’t possibly see them all. They will narrow it down to their preferred area and price range. If there are homes similar to yours at a lesser price, the buyers will never even step foot inside your home to consider it.

All of these tips along with listing your home with a reputable real estate agent will help put you in the best position to sell your home. All the memories and emotion that a seller has with their home are important to them, but mean absolutely nothing to potential buyers. So give the buyers the chance to envision your home the way they want it and create that blank canvas for them to see.
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