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Other Realtors in the Area

January 19th, 2012 admin

I have put together a list of other Real Estate Offices. I would love to help everyone with their Real Estate needs but I understand that clients need options and would recommend any of these offices if you choose not to use me as your Realtor.

Call me at 626-533-3123 or email me at zakbushey@yahoo.com

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Rental and Lease Update

January 9th, 2012 admin

Please visit my Rentals and Leasing page to get more information on rentals in the Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Covina and Azusa area.  Weather you are looking to rent a house, apartment, condo or townhome, I can help you.

Any homeowners looking to lease out their property I can also help as I offer full service property management options in my Glendora office for all of the surrounding areas.

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Probate Real Estate Sales

August 16th, 2011 admin

For more information on Probate Real Estate Sales in the Los Angeles area, please visit our Probate Page. It contains some basic information that may help you understand the different types of Probate Real Estate Sales in California.

After speaking with an attorney, choosing a Realtor that will help with marketing and selling the home in probate is an important aspect. Please allow me to be the Realtor that you deserve when it comes to selling your home.


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Glendora Real Estate Market Update

August 4th, 2011 admin

As of August 4th 2011 there are approximately 177 homes for sale in the City of Glendora. Though Short Sales are popping up more and more, the majority of homes for sale in Glendora are still standard sales.

Of the 177 available homes on the market, 121 are standard sales, followed by 41 short sales and 14 REO’s or Bank Owned properties that have foreclosed. The numbers may be off may a few as some agents don’t categorize the sale even though it’s required.

Glendora seems to be reasonable for families to buy a home now with over 50% of the available homes on the market being priced under $400,000.

With escrow fall out ratios on short sales still about 2 or 3 out of every 4, it would appear qualified buyers should stay focused on the standard sales and REO’s that have the traditional 30 day buying time frames. Waiting 6 months for a short sale only to have a bank turn it down at the end 50-75% of the time is not a good position for a Realtor to have their buyer to be in.

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Williom Lyon Homes Azusa

July 20th, 2011 admin

William Lyon Homes has opened up the Gardenia and Sage Court plans in the Rosedale Community of Azusa. These two styles were both very impressive and start in the high $200,000 price range. After a tour through them it is easy to see all types of families enjoying the craftsmanship and amenities they have to offer.

The Sage Court homes contain 64 attached three-story townhomes. These floor plans start at 1,346 sqft with 2 bedrooms and go up to 2,092 sqft with 4 bedrooms. All models have an attached two-car garage.

The Gardenia homes contain 81 attached two-story townhomes. These floor plans start at 1,350 sqft with 2 bedrooms and go up to 1,816 sqft with 3 bedrooms.

Both the Sage Court and Gardenia plans offer all of the amenities of Rosedale and the William Lyon areas. William Lyon Homes has their own pool area in addition to the Rosedale Pool. Only residents of Gardenia and Sage Court will be able to use both areas. The private pool area includes a regular pool, child pool, spa, fire pit and BBQ area.

For more info or to schedule an appointment to view these homes call me at 626-533-3123.

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Short Sales More Popular Than Ever

June 28th, 2011 admin

It appears lenders are truly making an attempt to not only increase the percentage of short sales that are successful, but they are trying to speed up this lengthy process as well. When the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program (HAFA) was reintroduced last year, most of the major banks, lenders and investors made an attempt to take part in it while still other ones held out. Now the larger banks are creating their own short sale systems based around the HAFA guidelines in hopes to speed up the process and let homeowners short sale to avoid foreclosure.

Chase, Citi, and Wells Fargo have implemented their own version of the short sale and implemented timelines that were initiated by HAFA. Some of these timelines give the lender 45 days to respond to a seller’s short sale request. There are ways that the banks can still delay this process by responding with a status update and not an answer, however, it’s still a step in the right direction.

Some other previous guidelines were that the property had to be owner occupied, no jumbo loans, and the process could not start until you had an offer. These are changing as some banks now allow for these previous restrictions to be waived. Some homeowners are even receiving letters from their lenders to encourage them to choose a Realtor and get the home on the market while the lender begins to look at the current value and evaluate their potential loss.

If you need to talk about your Short Sale options, please call me so that we can see what pre-foreclosure options you qualify for. I can be reached at 626-533-3123.

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ABC “A Better Community” Program

June 23rd, 2011 admin

I’m excited to announce that I have approval and started my program that donates $300-$600 on every one of my transactions to a non-profit of the client’s choice.

My main focus is the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles and along with other agents in my office hope to adopt our first wish very soon.

We are also encoraging clients in Glendora to help support the SOS “Support Our Students” Program with their donations. Please read more about our program here. ABC Program

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Social Media Helping Glendora Real Estate

February 7th, 2011 admin

The social media buzz has taken this country and most of the world by storm. Twitter and Facebook, two of the most popular social media platforms are helping people stay in touch and spread information quickly.

Take Facebook for example, with over 500 million accounts worldwide it is estimated that 40 percent of Americans have an account. Many local businesses are getting involved with Facebook pages set up to spread mass communication like special events, sales and new products to local clients in their marketplace.

The Glendora real estate market is not only part of this trend, but possibly leading the way. This new trend is helping realtors get the word out quickly when new homes go up for sale.

Many Glendora realtors, including myself, are taking advantage of this instant marketing as a way to spread the word on available homes for sale to the targeted community. Take for instance, my Facebook and Twitter page, “Glendora Realtor Zak Bushey” that has over 500 members, with over 90 percent of those members being residents of Glendora or its surrounding cities.

Sarah Trent with Caldwell Banker Millennium, and Jeff and Nicholle Brang with Brang and Associates are just a couple of the many local realtors that are using their presence on Facebook to help promote the local real estate market. The California Association of Realtors is hosting social media events to encourage other realtors to use this platform as well.

According to the association’s event invitation, “It’s important for realtors to be present and accessible in the same digital arena as their clients.”  In fact, one event is taking place on the USC campus in April to attract more realtors and use the practices that these Glendora agents have already implemented.

When I obtain a new listing or have an open house on a local property, I post the photos and home information onto my social media page to share. The 500 or so members then see the home for sale and have the ability to share with their hundreds of friends, who are most likely also Glendora residents. That home then has the potential to be displayed in front of the majority of the city or area within a day or so, as soon as people log into their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

This means of mass communication is not only helping the realtors, but helping sellers get closer to the prices they are asking for their homes. It makes sense that a home for sale will get more offers as the number of interested buyers that see the home increases. This in turn lets the seller have more options when it comes to countering and finally accepting an offer closer to the fair market value of the home.

As technology and social media help bridge the gaps of communication and make this world a whole lot smaller, it will continue to benefit Glendora’s real estate market and other cities that take advantage of this instant viral marketing.

Social media allows residents of Glendora to be informed of current homes for sale around them, show them what local home prices are doing and even give them ideas on what they can expect to find if they decide to buy or sell a home here. So when you decide to sell your home, think about how soon it can sell if most of the city was notified of it on their Facebook and Twitter page.

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Successfully Selling Your Home in This Market

February 7th, 2011 admin

A seller has history and emotional ties to their home. A buyer wants to envision a blank canvas that they can someday overlay with their future life. So, here are some tips for sellers to follow, which will give their home the best shot at selling and standing out among all the other homes for sale. After all, your home is not much different than those other ones for sale.
The key is to set yourself up for success by making it as easy as possible for a buyer to see your home as their new home.

1- Depersonalize the home by taking out items that are relevant to your family. I’m sure the family photos, ceramic knick-knacks and elementary craft gifts from your kids mean a lot, but to a buyer they are just a reminder to them that they are visiting someone else’s home. Data has shown that the homes that have been professionally staged have sold for higher than those in the same market which were not staged.

2- A cluttered home is a messy home, whether you like it or not. Not only should a home be clean, which is hopefully an obvious part of selling your home, but it should also be clear of the daily onslaught of junk mail, tennis shoes, and dirty clothes that consume our tables and floors on a day-to-day basis.

3- Make sure that the yards are all properly watered and green. Glendora has been in a drought and the city constantly reminds us of the watering limitations. But don’t let that be an excuse to let your yard turn brown and the plants die out. Keep everything green at all costs. The yards of bank-owned and short sale homes on the market look bad enough, so take this opportunity to be a step above half the real estate inventory by making a good first impression when a potential buyer drives up.

4- Make your home accessible and readily available to show at all times. Most buyers only have limited time and days to preview homes. Try to avoid being one of the listings that has schedule restrictions. The buyers will move on to the house down the street with the same floor plan that they are able to see at their own convenience, any time. An electronic key, known as a Supra Key, will allow you to control who is viewing your home and will keep records in case you’re concerned about privacy.

5- List your home at a fair market price. With over 170 homes for sale in Glendora, buyers can’t possibly see them all. They will narrow it down to their preferred area and price range. If there are homes similar to yours at a lesser price, the buyers will never even step foot inside your home to consider it.

All of these tips along with listing your home with a reputable real estate agent will help put you in the best position to sell your home. All the memories and emotion that a seller has with their home are important to them, but mean absolutely nothing to potential buyers. So give the buyers the chance to envision your home the way they want it and create that blank canvas for them to see.

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What’s the Deal With These HUD Homes?

February 7th, 2011 admin

There is another type of sale going on in the real estate market now — they are few and far between, buried under a swarm of short sales and bank owned properties. 

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) homes are being sold on the market with agents literally bidding through a website on behalf of their clients. This week I had the privilege of doing my first HUD home offer for a client of mine and found that there were both good and bad aspects to this HUD system.

My first impression was how the impersonalized this system was. Even though the listing agent was eventually very helpful, there is a lack of information on the property itself.

The listing price was seemingly firm for this beautiful, two-story colonial-style home; however no information on previous bids could be obtained.

So my question is, how does this help a consumer who is simply wanting details about the home and trying to make a fair offer?

We all know that in this market, buyers tend to have the upper hand, but not when there is no inclination of what price HUD is willing to accept. It seems like they are willing to let these homes sit vacant on the market until they get the price they want. The bids are typically rejected and not even countered. A buyer is just supposed to keep going higher until an agreement is reached.

I tend to be an optimist, but in this case, my positive thinking occurred after the initial observance. I received an automated email from the HUD system on a Saturday morning, notifying me that my clients bid was accepted.

This was great news, even better yet was the fact that the email contained a link to get the 17 page contract and disclosures to complete the acceptance. Everything was so streamlined, as long as you send the contract to Sacramento within 2 business days, your offer is accepted. My client and I had everything finished and sent within 30 minutes.

After being in escrow for 30 days I may have a different outlook on this HUD bidding system, but for now, it seems favorable under certain circumstances.

As long as your clients are comfortable with the home’s visual condition and listing price, I would say to go for it!

Buyers are welcome to have their own inspection for up to 15 days after the offer is accepted. Most of the homes have a minimum of 30 days on the market where they are only available to people that want to live in them as their primary residence.

This means that frustrated first time homeowners won’t get outbid by house flippers. Keep in mind that there are not too many available. In fact, as of Dec. 13, HUD’s website showed only 94 for sale in all of Los Angeles County.

In this market, even seasoned realtors are learning everyday and being surprised by unfamiliar processes. That’s my Real Estate Sense.

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